Product Spotlight: Damn Good Face Wash // The Works

Product Spotlight: Damn Good Face Wash // The Works

Damn Good Face Wash // The Works is by far, the bestselling item in the shop. I created this product not long after I created The Original. I was a busy mom of two kids under three working as a night shift nurse and I did not have time in my life for a fussy skin care routine. Enter the tea tree essential oil and the bentonite clay. I mean, why not throw it all in to the same jar and eliminate a few steps?!?! Specially formulated for those who want a nourishing and moisturizing facial wash, The Works leaves you dewey while also pulling impurities and toxins out of your skin and combating blemishes and other irritations.

You can read even more about it here.

Also, unpaid reviews never lie:

"I love the crap out of this stuff! I use it with the toner and the oil and my skin is fantastic."

"I have followed @damngoodfacewash on Instagram for years and when her birthday sale came I knew I had to take advantage and try the face wash...FINALLY! I was not disappointed. I’ve been using this for a month and my face looks and feels AMAZING! it’s crazy what real ingredients in a product will do for your skin."

"My skin has never been better. I do not even remember when I had my last breakout - probably going on 3+ year, when I started using DGFW & Oil."


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