Listening to (and Loving On) Your Skin as the Seasons Change

Listening to (and Loving On) Your Skin as the Seasons Change

Days are getting shorter. Air is turning colder. While you might be celebrating the pumpkin-flavored-everything, fluffy scarves, and slow-cooked soups your skin might be throwing a damn hissy fit.

Your skin prefers consistency and seasonal changes do not meet those needs. In the fall, temperature and humidity drop quickly so your skin will have to work harder to maintain adequate hydration. Add to that turning on the heat in your homes and taking hot showers and your skin will be further irritated with dryness and inflammation. While you obviously can’t stop the seasons from turning and turning (cue The Byrds), your skin shouldn’t have to suffer. Listening to your skin as the weather transitions is paramount. My summer skin needs are different from my winter skin needs. Hell, my morning skin needs are different from my nightly skin needs. I have found that using gentle, nourishing, and hydrating products are important always, but especially as my skin’s needs change.

I like to use products that are multi-functional as well. Damn Good Exfoliant is one such product. It is the perfect facial exfoliant, mask, or even cleansing grains to smooth and hydrate. And because it is super-sensitive, it won’t further irritate skin that is already freaking out from the weather change. Made from organic ground oats, organic ground chamomile flowers, almond meal, and kaolin clay powder, Damn Good Exfoliant gently scrubs away dead skin cells allowing for improved circulation, decreased blemishes, and super-soft skin.

Pro tip: Mix together Damn Good Face Wash and Damn Good Exfoliant. The emollient face wash will hold the grains while you apply it as a nourishing mask or as a scrub. Immediately enhancing the hydration with the face wash while you scrub away the dry skin cells with the exfoliant is exactly what your skin needs right now. So bring on the fall weather!

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