Damn Good Dry Shampoo // Dark
Damn Good Dry Shampoo // Dark
Damn Good Dry Shampoo // Dark
Damn Good Dry Shampoo // Dark
Damn Good Dry Shampoo // Dark
Damn Good Dry Shampoo // Dark
Damn Good Dry Shampoo // Dark
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Damn Good Dry Shampoo // Dark

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Damn Good Dry Shampoo // Dark was created out of a necessity to extend the life of my hair between washes while also nourishing my scalp and stimulating hair growth. Of course my hair is a mixture of blonde and grayish/white (once I stopped plucking those imposters and gave up), so I needed to create something for my dark-haired friends too! Damn Good Dry Shampoo does all that with all-natural ingredients packaged in an eco-friendly, recyclable jar. Our powder can be used as a dry shampoo between washes, to add volume and texture, or as a hair perfume.

All Natural. All of our products contain all-natural, plant-based, or organic ingredients. Each ingredient is specifically chosen for its therapeutic reason. Our products are only tested on willing family and friends, never on animals. All products are handmade in small batches in the USA.

- Suitable for All Hair Types
- Non-Aerosol All-Natural Dry Shampoo
- Vegan & Cruelty-Free
- No Parabens, No Sulfates, No Phthalates
- Aluminum-Free
- Recyclable/Reusable Glass Jar with Plastic Lid and 


  • Arrowroot Powder (non-GMO) //  adds texture and volume to the hair, absorbs oils, works as a slight deodorizer, and gives a silky feel to the hair.
  • Kaolin Clay // extracts dirt and impurities from hair without stripping its natural oils, stimulates circulation to help strengthen the roots of the hair.
  • Organic Fair-Trade Cocoa Powder // contains proteins and antioxidants for scalp health, while also providing perfect tone for darker hair.
  • Cedarwood Essential Oil // balances oil production, stimulates the scalp and increases circulation to reduce a dry or flaky scalp and brittle hair.
  • Lavender Essential Oil // nourishes and hydrates hair, promotes hair growth and reduces irritation.
  • Rosemary Essential Oil //  improves hair thickness and stimulates growth.

Directions: Shake jar before use. Sprinkle desired amount of dry shampoo directly onto hair or into palm of hand and then use your fingertips to work through hair at roots where hair is most oily. Alternatively, you can sprinkle desired amount into cap and use a makeup brush or hair brush to apply. After two to three minutes, brush and style your hair as normal.

4 oz // 113 g

Of Note:

1. All of the products are intended for external use only. The essential oils used are for external use only. Always consult your health care professional if pregnant, breastfeeding, on medications or homeopathic remedies before using any essential oil products. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

2. Due to the nature of the raw ingredients, contents may be subject to seasonal changes in color and consistency.

3. All of the products are made in small batches using natural ingredients or organic materials whenever possible.

4. Because no preservatives are used, the products should be used in a timely manner. The face washes, toners and scrubs should be used within three months for freshness. The face oils and body oils should be used within six months for freshness. Seasonal temperatures, temperatures within your home, and how you maintain your product (introducing water, bacteria, etc) can influence product freshness as well. To maintain freshness please store products in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight.

5. Products are packaged in glass because --duh, it's better than plastic-- and I prefer the dark bottles whenever possible because they help protect the essential oils and other natural ingredients.

6. Most of the raw materials, bottles and packaging are sourced from a member-owned co-op that prides itself on doing business in a sustainable and ethical way. A small percentage of the profit from that co-op goes to organizations, causes, and activities that really make the world a better place. So you can feel DAMN GOOD about that too.

7. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The information provided is intended for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.