Rose Quartz Facial Roller
Rose Quartz Facial Roller
Rose Quartz Facial Roller
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Rose Quartz Facial Roller

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The Rose Quartz Facial Roller will elevate your daily self care ritual as it supports both inner and outer beauty. Rose quartz, also known as the Crystal of Venus, releases fear and negativity and increases self love by softening and unclogging the heart chakra. It is used to stimulate lymphatic drainage and influence a softer, more radiant complexion and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Instructions for both a detoxifying facial massage as well as a rejuvenating facial massage are below. 

Due to natural formations in the stones, each tool will be unique. Color will vary slightly from the picture that is listed. Listing is for one Rose Quartz Roller.

Cleaning + Recharging: After each use, wipe it down with a clean cloth or wipe. Your crystal roller can be deep-cleaned with warm water and soap. Make sure to pat it dry after cleaning to avoid rusting the metal. If you're looking for a more spiritual clean, clean the roller with salt by either washing it with salt water or leaving it in a dry bowl of salt overnight. Salt is considered cleansing and will help to draw negative energies out of the tool so they don't transfer back to your skin. If you want to get even more woo-woo, leave the crystal in the moonlight for the night to recharge its energy. You may also opt to leave your roller in the refrigerator for maximum de-puffing power.

Detoxifying Facial Massage:
+Calms inflammation
+Reduces puffiness in the face, especially the under eye area
+Stimulates detoxification
+Stimulates lymphatic drainage
+Promotes product penetration
1. Apply your favorite oil, serum, or body butter. 
2. Start at the base of your neck. Gently roll in a downward motion from ear to clavicle. Repeat 3 times then move to the next section, working across your neck from the ear to the center line.
3. Move to the center of your chin. Roll out from the center towards the hair line.  Repeat 3 times. Drain the lymph by rolling down the side of the face toward the clavicle once.  Continue this pattern, moving upwards and rolling horizontally across the face three times in each new area before draining downward toward your clavicle.
4. At the under eye, use the small end of the roller.  Roll 3 times from the nose toward the end of the brow.  On the last roll, finish by drawing down the side of the face to the clavicle.  Repeat these movements just under the eyebrow.
5. Gently roll from the center of the forehead toward the side of the face 3 times before draining down to the clavicle.  Repeat this moving up the forehead.
6. To finish, repeat your last draining movement 2 to 3 times more
7. Repeat on other side.
Rejuvenating Facial Massage:
+Boosts circulation and oxygenates the skin
+Brightens the complexion
+Tightens pores
+Reduces wrinkles
+Plumps up the skin
+Promotes product penetration
1. Apply your favorite oil, serum, or body butter. 
2. Start at the neck.  Roll from base of neck to jaw line in an upward roll.  Your pressure should be medium to firm. Repeat this 5-10 times as needed, then move to the next section. Repeat till you've reached the center of your neck.
3. Next, roll from the chin to your ear just under your jaw line. Repeat 5-10 times.
4. Move up to the center of your chin, rolling from chin to ear in a slightly upward angle. Repeat these movements working up the face, finishing under the eye.  Repeat 5-10 times.  Hold the skin around the lips taught with the opposite hand. Use the smaller roller to roll back and forth perpendicularly across the lip lines or wrinkles. Use these same movements around the eye for crows feet. This stimulates blood flow to the area, plumping the skin and diminishing wrinkle depth.
5. Now, move to the forehead. Roll from your brow toward your hairline in a vertical upward movement. Repeat 5-10 times. Repeat these movements working across the forehead and then on the other side. Hold the skin between the brows taught with the opposite hand. Use the smaller roller to roll back and forth perpendicularly between the brow for frown lines. 


Of Note:

    1. All of the products are intended for external use only. The essential oils used are for external use only. Always consult your health care professional if pregnant, breastfeeding, on medications or homeopathic remedies before using any essential oil products. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

    2. Due to the nature of the raw ingredients, contents may be subject to seasonal changes in color and consistency.

    3. All of the products are made in small batches using natural ingredients or organic materials whenever possible.

    4. Because no preservatives are used, the products should be used in a timely manner. The face washes, toners and scrubs should be used within three months for freshness. The face oils and body oils should be used within six months for freshness. Seasonal temperatures, temperatures within your home, and how you maintain your product (introducing water, bacteria, etc) can influence product freshness as well. To maintain freshness please store products in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight.

    5. Products are packaged in glass because --duh, it's better than plastic-- and I prefer the dark bottles whenever possible because they help protect the essential oils and other natural ingredients.

    6. Most of the raw materials, bottles and packaging are sourced from a member-owned co-op that prides itself on doing business in a sustainable and ethical way. A small percentage of the profit from that co-op goes to organizations, causes, and activities that really make the world a better place. So you can feel DAMN GOOD about that too.

    7. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The information provided is intended for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.